Keg Stand Queens

by Amanda Berg

March, 2012

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"i'm in love alriiiiiiiiight with my crazy beautiful life. With the parties, the disasters, with my friends all pretty and plastered KE$HA tonight!!"
- Kristen's facebook status

I began Keg Stand Queens in response to my relationship with alcohol during college. By photographing my friends and acquaintances I started an ongoing exploration of binge-drinking culture among undergraduate women.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates a 30% increase among female binge drinkers since 1979. As women began to take on more stereotypically male roles in the workplace, athletic arena and elsewhere, theories posited they also started making an effort to drink more like men. It seems young women are challenging gender norms by drinking as much alcohol as their male counterparts. But equal drinking does not necessarily correlate to equality.

On average, having less body mass then men, women reach a higher blood alcohol level after drinking the same amounts. This leads to higher rates of the negative side effects associated with drinking, such as injuries, alcohol poisoning, DWI, academic issues and non-consensual sexual activities.

By questioning my own abuse of alcohol during college I intend to narrate an emerging issue that today's generation of young women face: the universality of female binge drinking. Why do the contemporary pop artist Kesha's lyrics, as seen in Kristen's status, resonate so much?

I hope this story will raise bigger questions about today's women's movement, Facebook's role in our self-awareness and the general atmosphere created by higher education.