The Raw File was inspired by the need to provide open-ended means of publication for long-term documentary projects, which might not be possible in traditional print media. We hope that these stories will provoke discussion and a way of viewing personal stories in a larger social contest. In the future The Raw File hopes to host stories by independent storytellers and producers with the passion for informing emotional intelligence.

Founded by photojournalist Brenda Ann Kenneally, and producer Laura Lo Forti in 2007, The Raw File was created to produce and distribute socially reflective media that provokes discussion. It was the founder's hope that these conversations will intersect the lines of race and class, private and professional.

Our content is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License so that anyone may download, copy, exhibit, and distribute it for non-profit, educational purposes. We simply ask you to attribute this work to "".

The Raw File has no agenda other than to provide a neutral and approachable environment for the documentation and dissemination of information by and about individuals and their communities, an outlet for stories that would otherwise go unheard into history.

The Raw File is self-funded.